FAQ: Your Guide to Replica Watches

Discover our all time most popular questions our customers ask about our Rolex Replica watches and Other Premium Imitation Watches.

Our collection includes premium AAA+ quality replica watches that offer an unparalleled level of accuracy and reliability. Each part is waterproof, water-repellent, and scratch-resistant to ensure a long service life. Our replicas are made to match the original watches in weight and aesthetics at a 1:1 scale, boasting an incredible 95% similarity in structure and appearance compared to the original watches. This careful attention to detail allows us to deliver a product that is very close to the quality and design of the original watch.
We work directly with the world's leading replica watch factories, which allows us to offer more competitive prices than our competitors. This direct relationship allows us to access real prices, gain additional benefits from these partnerships, and pass those savings on to our valued customers.
Since we get a lot of requests, some of which are our competitors trying to keep us busy, we send extra pictures only to our existing customers.
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The parcel will be shipped within 5–10 business days and delivered within 10–15 business days after it is shipped.
Yes, of course! If the original model has a ceramic bezel, our replica watch does as well.
To avoid high shipping and product costs, watches will be shipped without boxes. If you would like to add a box to your order, you can do so by buying the box as well.
All our watches feature highly durable, non-scratch Sapphire glass.
Of course, we also happily accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. Rest assured that all our transactions are processed through secure channels, ensuring your payment information remains safe. By offering PayPal as a payment option, we further enhance your security and take advantage of PayPal's comprehensive buyer protection policy. This means that when you shop with us, you not only enjoy a seamless payment experience but also the peace of mind that your transactions are protected from fraud. We will strive to provide a trustworthy and safe shopping environment so that you can make purchases with confidence.
Yes, we offer worldwide shipping to every country listed on the checkout page.
Depending on the model of the watch you choose, our replica watches are equipped with Japanese or high-quality ETA Swiss movements.
All our replica watches are waterproof and water-resistant, allowing you to swim and take showers without worrying about damage. They are built to withstand everyday water exposure. as well as 30 meters in depth.
An automatic watch is a mechanical watch that has an automatic winding function. This means you don't have to wind the crown regularly to keep the watch running. Hand-wound or hand-wound watches usually need to be manually wound using the crown every day to keep them working reliably. If he only has one watch and wears it every day, an automatic would be a good choice since the watch will be worn regularly enough. Owners do not have to manually wind the watch; they only need to adjust the time to compensate for deviations when switching to daylight saving time or vice versa. In fact, some early automatic movements omitted the crown and moved the time-setting mechanism to the back, on the theory that it would only be accessed frequently. This was a huge marketing failure. People liked the look and ease of access of the crown. For this reason, most watches with more than a simple date window use automatic movements. These include a three-date calendar, an annual calendar, a perpetual calendar, and all of these in combination with a moon phase. With a few exceptions (oddly, these seem to be more expensive watches), most hand-wound watches may also include other complications, such as a chronograph. comes with a simpler calendar. Notes on automatic watches: The benefits of automatic winding are diminished if you wear more than one watch on a regular basis. The automatic mechanism may stop if worn infrequently. Calendar mechanisms and other complications can make it difficult to reset your watch. Finally, automatic watches that are worn frequently are typically at or near full winding most of the time, giving the impression that they can be adjusted more precisely and consistently over many days. I might take it. However, this is not always the case. If you have a hand-wound watch that is wound regularly once a day, you can adjust it so that the daily variation is very small. That is, there is no obvious performance advantage over automatic. It's more convenient than anything.
Polished Stainless Steel 1. For minor scratches, in our experience, nothing is better than a jewelry cloth such as the Pioneer or Shino polishing cloth available from most watch suppliers. It's a double cross. The inner fabric is impregnated with red polishing powder (iron oxide or rouge). The outer cloth protects your hands from nasty red stains and also serves as a final polish. This jewelry polishing cloth is also perfect for gold. You can also use a washable sylvette or double-sided jeweler's cloth, usually available at drug stores. The only other tools you need are elbow strain and common sense. 2. For deep scratches, use Neverdal, usually available at drug stores and hardware stores. Neverdal is cotton-soaked with a powerful cleaner or polisher. It has an unpleasant odor (like car polish), but it works quickly and leaves only minor scratches that can be removed with a jewelry cloth. And it has a high-gloss finish! Caution: Highly polished stainless steel surfaces (or gold surfaces) will always leave microscopic scratches. These ultra-fine scratches are only visible under bright light and from certain angles. The only perfect finish is the factory finish. Even with work done by a jeweler, it is still inferior to the factory's high-gloss finish. Brushed Stainless Steel 1. Use a jewelry cloth to remove minor scratches. If you're not careful, you'll end up with a shine that doesn't match the matte appearance of the surface. In this case, you can reapply the brushed finish by following step 3 below. 2. Use a fiberglass brush for small scratches. It looks like a mechanical pencil with a removable tip and a bundle of optical fibers instead of a core. Use this fiberglass tip to brush SS surfaces to remove scratches and create a new brushed finish. We do not recommend using this tool on large areas. Brush strokes tend to be uneven, especially on curves, but you can get better with practice. Warning: Broken glass fibers on the skin can cause unpleasant itching. Wear thin latex gloves and use a brush to remove any fiberglass residue from your watch after repair. 3. For large scratches, use a Styrofoam nail polishing block (available at cosmetic stores). Each block is approximately 1 inch thick and 3 inches long. Its surface is impregnated with a very fine abrasive. Gently brush along the grain of the wood to remove the scratches, and blend the new brush strokes with the original strokes. I prefer this Styrofoam block to sandpaper or steel wool. This is because it is easy to hold and operate. Soft Styrofoam conforms to curved surfaces and has excellent flexibility. This polystyrene polisher allows you to remove even deep dents and safely reshape small parts with patience. A final note on steel The tips above are for repairing minor scratches that bother you, but they are not worth a trip to your local watch or jewelry store or shipping your watch. If you are careful and patient, the results will be very satisfying. However, we have found that for the full watch restoration that is often required when working with vintage watches, it is best to send the watch to a professional who has the right tools and skills for the job. Gold or Platinum For gold-filled or gold-plated products, we recommend leaving them alone. You may not want to removemore from the surface than is already present.
Often, but not always, the clock suddenly starts ticking very fast. For example, one afternoon, he may notice that time has moved forward by more than an hour. Also, if the influence of magnetic force is small, the timing may not be up to standard. The only way to really know this is to demagnetize the watch and note an immediate improvement in timekeeping speed.
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